Amber Kea-Edwards

Ph.D. Candidate, Division of Behavorial and Organizational Sciences, Claremont Graduate University

Amber Kea-Edwards is a Ph.D. candidate in the Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences at Claremont Graduate University and a research associate of LeAD Labs. Her specialization includes race, leader identity, and leader development. As a research associate at LeAD Labs, she has presented at both national and international conferences and has a publication in the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies. She has taught organizational behavior at California State Polytechnical University, Pomona in the school of Management and Human Resources and the psychology of emotion and motivation at California State University Los Angeles within the Department of Psychology. 


Tuesday June 1

Healthy Leader Identity: Integrating Racial and Leader Identities


This workshop is limited to 25 emerging to mid-level museum professionals (with 0-10 years of management experience) who identify as BIPOC. 


Registration Required.


Race specific leader development acknowledges, supports, and integrates the unique qualities of racial minorities with the qualities of effective leadership. In this workshop, BIPOC museum professionals are encouraged to embrace their racial/cultural identity as a tool for positive and inclusive leadership. Developed by LeAD Labs, this workshop facilitates self-reflection-based activities and group-level discussions. Participants will explore their implicit thoughts about leadership, their racial identity, and pivotal events across the lifespan that contribute to current ideas of effective leadership.  


During the 2-hour session, participants will explore their internal thoughts by crafting images, outlining lifespan timelines, and engaging in guided discussions related to cultural norms, and leadership.  


Specifically, participants will: 


  • Develop a stronger leader identity; 
  • Develop a more positive racial identity; 
  • Integrate a positive racial identity with a leader identity; 
  • Successfully navigate negative race-related events; and 
  • Develop a personalized self-development plan. 


Participants will leave the workshop equipped with knowledge and tools to develop a healthy and personalized leader identity.