Makeba Dixon-Hill

Interim Director, Spelman College Museum of Fine Art

Makeba Dixon-Hill’s professional service centers the ways gatekeepers define 

community support and how they advocate for themselves. Prior to arriving at the 

Spelman College Museum of Fine Art as Curator of Education and now Interim 

Director, she held positions at museums throughout the nation. Her work brings the 

vision and mission of the institution to life by curating programming and engagement 

experiences that scaffold the institution’s world-class exhibitions and special projects. 


Makeba conducts workforce development research within the arts sector and has served 

on several advisory boards and review committees while lecturing in formal and 

non-traditional academic and healing spaces. 


She is also a voice over artist, yoga instructor, and writer working on her second book. 


Wednesday June 2

Networking Event

Thnetworking session will include social break-out rooms, which iDEA Summit facilitators will lead. This session is an opportunity to engage in peer-peer learning and share out reflections. The discussion will include an overview of the conference and connecting themes. The themes will be based on attendees’ thoughts on previous conference sessions, shared on the Google Jamboard